Learning paper: What happens when feedback mechanisms are enhanced in small and medium-sized UK Aid-funded development projects?

Feedback from participants in international development projects is recognised as a critical element of effective, participatory and empowering development programming. In 2019 FCDO (formerly DFID), together with fund manager Mannion Daniels, invited UK Aid Direct grant holders to take part in a “feedback pilot” in which they would make enhancements to their projects’ feedback mechanisms and track the effects of this on project delivery, participation and outcomes. Integrity Action provided initial guidance and a workshop on how feedback mechanisms could be enhanced along these lines, and then four UK Aid Direct grant holders volunteered to take part in the pilot. Each grant holder proposed enhancements to make to their UK Aid Direct-funded project. They then implemented enhancements to their feedback mechanisms from January 2020, and this learning paper presents the findings from this pilot.