We believe that the most effective way to support communities to demand integrity in local projects and services is by partnering with organisations that work closely with those communities.

By working in partnerships we can achieve more than any organisation working alone.

We know that by working in partnerships we can achieve more than any organisation working alone. Because of this, Integrity Action always implements programmes in partnership with other organisations. Strong partnerships are central to our strategy, approach and to how we work. 

Who do we partner with? A whole range of organisations, including international NGOs, local or national civil society organisations, research institutions, and networks. Read more about exploring a partnership with us. 

What role do we play as a partner? At Integrity Action, we believe in sticking to what we are good at! That means we contribute things like our methodology, our technology tools and expertise, and our ability to find patterns in the data generated through monitoring. One thing we don’t do is implement monitoring directly in communities, because there are so many brilliant organisations in so many parts of the world which understand their communities intimately. 

The importance of partnerships is key to our strategy, read more here.

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Our partnerships

Aga Khan Foundation


Armavir Development Center (ADC)


Campaign for Human Rights and Social Transformation (CAHURAST)

DR Congo

Cercle d’Échange pour le Développement des Jeunes (CEDEJ)


Kesho Kenya


Kwale County Natural Resources Network (KCNRN)


Kwale Youth and Governance Consortium (KYGC)

occupied Palestinian territory

Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy (PCPD)

South Africa

Public Affairs Research Institute


Raleigh International

Restless Development


SEND Ghana

South Africa

South African Local Government Association


Youth Initiative

Interested in becoming a partner?

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